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Less of Less…More of More.

June 26, 2009

What if sustainability stopped being about ‘less’?

We’ve all heard it…less gas, less toys, less gadgets, less water, less meat, less, less, less. What if we stopped thinking about how we have to stop doing everything we enjoy? We are Americans, right?!? We like gas guzzling musApple Piecle cars and Mom’s apple pie. We like hot dogs at the ballpark and purple iPods. Why on god’s ‘Green’ earth would those of us in the sustainability field choose to tell everyone that they must have less of all the things that we fill our lives with, that have become our collective identity, as a way to get us all to care more about the world around us?

If someone told you that you must give up your house, the house your great grandfather built, that you grew up in, that you want to raise your children in, because it was better for the greater good? Wouldn’t that just make you want to throw in the towel? It seems to me that life is not worth living without a quest for more of all the things we truly love. I don’t want there to be a shell of a world, a shell of a culture left for my children. I don’t want them to grow up never knowing the joys of baseball, and fast cars and fresh apple pie. Giving these things away, sacrificing in the name of the greater good, why would anyone want less to be our legacy?

I want my children to grow up in a thriving, abundant world, full of life, and art, and culture, and nature.

full handsSo what if sustainability stops being about less and started being about more? More gardens, more healthy food, more days at the river instead of the pool, more walks in the woods than the golf course, more time with the people we love, more to give to your community.

Here is a list of the ten things you can do today to cultivate sustainable abundance in your life and your business:

1. Get comfortable with more: More = New, we like new. New means fresh, lively, abundant. Do you want less, or do you want more?

2. Do more: Start by doing a little more of something Green you have been meaning to do, but haven’t gotten around to, like using only recycled paper, or refillable ink cartridges.

3. Let the outside in a little more: Try opening your windows a little more often in the mornings when it’s nice and cool. It’s kind of amazing how much fresh air can help you get the day started.

4. Reach out more: Call a few of your best customers a little more…tell them you appreciate them (them, not their business…tell them you appreciate them), ask them how you can do more for them.Organic Veggies

5. Love more: Carve out a few minutes today to spend more time with someone you love.

6. Eat more: Next time you go to the grocery store, buy one more organic item than you did last time. Pick one thing that you had never thought of buying in the organic version. Next time you go, add one more. Go as far as you can.

7.  Communicate about Green a little more. If you write a blog or a newsletter, pose a ‘more’ question to your readers. Ask them what ‘Green’ means to them, or what they would like you to do more of to be Greener.

8. Learn more. Search online for a Green blog (like this one!). Commit to reading every post for a month. Worst case scenario…you’ll know more than you do right now.

9. Grow more. Get a plant…or plants. Stop telling yourself that you killhouse-plant plants. That is a problem that five minutes of asking care questions from the guy at the nursery can easily fix. Plants improve the air quality in your home or office, and are a lot more refreshing than posters of kittens hanging from branches.

10. Give more. Time, money, old stuff, whatever you have excess of. It feels good, and means that someone else gets a little more too. If you are a professional, find someone who could use your skills and give away a few hours of your brainpower (SCORE is a great place to start). If you have cash, use a to help something begin or grow (like a new start-up business). You get the idea.

Wouldn’t you rather have more of more, and less of less?

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  1. artistatexit0 permalink
    June 29, 2009 8:17 pm

    I like your spirit! I couldn’t agree more about living a sustainable life-style. I do think we will get more from the experience of living…if we slow down a little. The planet needs time to heal. My artwork overlaps many of these concerns. If interested, here is my link: Good luck, I’ll follow your posts!

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