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Green Biz Quiz

Each week, I post a new Green Biz Quiz. Sometimes they are related to one of the topics below, and sometimes they will just help you get your creative juices flowing.

Each one is designed to be fun and thought provoking, and take no more than ten minutes. You will not be judged or graded, I promise!

After you click ‘submit’, you will receive a FREE report with invaluable green tips tailored to your specific responses! Really! I write each response myself, so think of it like free advice that I usually charge $150 per hour for….and I’m not even going to try to sell you something. I promise!

New quiz notifications are sent out via my weekly newsletter. Click here to subscribe.

Quiz Categories:


Want to figure out how much you are already doing right for the planet? These quizzes will help inspire your own creative thought to help you evaluate what you can do better to be greener.


Want to know how well you are connecting with your community? How about whether or not you and your business are doing enough to help your local world. These quizzes will get you thinking and will help you evaluate where you really sit with the people you want to reach.


Want to get a better idea of how your customers think about how Green you are? These quizzes will help you evaluate how effective your marketing strategy is, so as you get greener, you know what to keep, and what to toss.

This Week’s Quiz: {Communication Category} Defining Sustainability: Do you really know what it means? (click link to begin)

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