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Already know that you wanna go green? Ready to drive head-first into the vast and colorful world of the Green pioneers? Ready to be a leader, a trailblazer, a rock star in your field? If yes, then one-on-one coaching is for you! Packages are designed to meet your needs, and incorporate in-depth, proven systems and training for you and your staff so you can incorporate Green strategies into every corner of your business.

“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid!” -Gerte

Monthly Ezine

My monthly EZine Integrating Green will include articles, tips, and strategies from professionals in a variety of fields. I work with a fantastic network of contributors that provide monthly insights to help you Go Green in every area of your business. From transparent (non-greenwashed) marketing tips to best practices in green purchasing, Integrating Green will keep your business chock-full of useful, relevant, timely, easy-to-follow advice and information. Check back soon for the launch and subscription info!!

Professional Speaking

Are you a member of, or a planner for and organization or professional group that could benefit from Green messaging? If you are looking for a fun and relevant presenter, look no further!

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